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admin pun semakin tua

happy birthday adminG..
keep up the positive thinking.

kindness and thoughtfulness are ur forte,
and u r not potte

u inspire many w ur thoughts and actions,
we're all so grateful for such reactions,
like the Reds from Anfield,
you'll never walk alone~

aku yg mewakili pengghuni WAJ

p/s: ape lg bos, party la....
a celebration we shall surely remember...hehe

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4 wives

i found this interesting article from

Once upon a time there was a rich King who had four wives.

He loved the 4th wife the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to the finest of delicacies.

He gave her nothing but the best.

He also loved the 3rd wife very much and was always showing her off to neighbouring kingdoms.

However, he feared that one day she would leave him for another.

He also loved his 2nd wife.

She was his confidante and was always kind, considerate and patient with him.

Whenever the King faced a problem, he could confide in her, and she would help him get through the difficult times.

The King's 1st wife was a very loyal partner and had made great contributions in maintaining his wealth and kingdom.

However, he did not love the first wife.

Although she loved him deeply, he hardly took notice of her!

One day, the King fell ill and he knew his time was short.

He thought of his luxurious life and wondered, "I now have four wives with me, but when I die, I'll be all alone."

Thus, he asked the 4th wife, "I have loved you the most, endowed you with the finest clothing and showered great care over you.

Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?" "No way!" replied the 4th wife, and she walked away without another word.

Her answer cut like a sharp knife right into his heart.

The sad King then asked the 3rd wife, "I have loved you all my life. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?"

"No!" replied the 3rd wife. "Life is too good! When you die, I'm going to remarry!"

His heart sank and turned cold.

He then asked the 2nd wife, "I have always turned to you for help and you've always been there for me.

"When I die, will you follow me and keep me company?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help you out this time!" replied the 2nd wife.

"At the very most, I can only walk with you to your grave."

Her answer struck him like a bolt of lightning, and the King was Devastated.

Then a voice called out: "I'll go with you. I'll follow you no matter where you go.?"

The King looked up, and there was his first wife.

She was very skinny as she suffered from malnutrition and neglect.

Greatly grieved, the King said, "I should have taken much better care of you when I had the chance!"

In truth, we all have the 4 wives in our lives:

Our 4th wife is our body. No matter how much time and effort we lavish in making it look good, it will leave us when we die.

Our 3rd wife is our possessions, status and wealth. When we die, it will all go to others.

Our 2nd wife is our family and friends. No matter how much they have been there for us, the furthest they can stay by us is up to the grave.

And our 1st wife is our Soul. Often neglected in pursuit of wealth, power and pleasures of the world. However, our Soul is the only thing that will follow us wherever we go.

Cultivate, strengthen and cherish it now, for it is the only part of us that will follow us to the throne of God and continue with us throughout Eternity.

Thought for the day: Remember, when the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray.
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[e-book] Lecture Notes on Ophthalmology

lagi e-book ophthalmology..
buku ni memang semua student ophthal. kena ada..
doc. dah tulis dalam senarai references dkt guideline..
yg buku ni 'required'

download here
file name --> Lecture Notes on Ophthalmology.rar
author --> Bruce J., Chris C. and Anthony B (2005)
--> 9th edition
publisher --> Blackwell Publishing
file size --> 3.92 mb
estimated download time --> less than 1 min.
password --> no password

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assalamualaikum dan salam 10thbatch!

1st of all i would like to infor all of u that is ignorant enough 4 not noticing (jgn mre..gurau je..aku tau jaringan maklumat 10thbatch sgt power!) that i've been warded in 5B due to volar barton fracture with distal intraarticular radius fracture(mcm salah jek..xpe..aku x amik ortho lg).i've been scheduled to undergo locking buttress plating on a date yet to be confirmed(again...kalo salah..aku x amik ortho lg) but i've decided that the surgery to be done inHSNZ(sori orthorian..melepas korg nk tgk op aku..n anaes skalian..melepas korg nk sedate ak...*lega*)

saje je post ni sbnrnye..just terase nk kongsi pengalaman selama 3 hari...jap3 intonasi x betul..3 HARI...ermm...still kurg skit...3 HARI!!!!!!..(ok br ade impak skit) menjadi pesakit di HTAA.well masa terasakan tidak bergerak ketika terbaring diatas katil melihat student nurse menukar bedsheet,nurse melakukan passover,doktor2 menyibukkan diri mekihat pt dan MS mundar mandir tanpa hala tuju cube menunjukkan mereka bz(gurau je guys..jgn marah..haha).disaat itu terpk...yaAllah bile laa aku nk boleh kembali aktif nih..bosannye terbaring disini...dan disaat itu juga terdetik..mgkn this miht be the time 4 me to feel how r the pts feeling when they r i/ve make some observation(nmpk sgt aku bosan giler kan?)...

from what i've see..pts tends to make friends with each other to pass some leisure time(read as "all the tme").it seems so easy for some pts but some pts likes to stay passive n hoping someone would approach them 2 make friends.n from what i've observe,people tends to make frieds with someone who is about the same age as this leaves the sad,in pain, lonely old man to just stay in bed n see everyone was making friends to everyone elese except them..i think this is our role as medical make sure these people wasn't feel left out.of course i've never noticethis before i've been warded(haram..pandang pt nk pk pasal pt perspective pun x penah sblm masuk fammed).haha..ape laa aku ngarut nih..korg pk2kan laa..x ruginyeer mase korg pk nih smbl men dota tgh plan nk gb lan ke,time men futsal tgh redi rembat macha ke..

btw i would like to thnx to all of u esp orthorians 4 being there as peneman bicara(ramai pt pelik awat ptbed E21 tu femes giler...smpi sume doc tegur..siap ade sekumpulan doc dtg utk bergambar bersame..ade yg dtg bentan notebook die atas bed nk tulis kes (*ethic alert!!*jgn wat pade pt len!)smpi sorg NS tu angkat kening penuh kekeliruan,ade yg dtg pg2 makan pow roti(*ethic alert!!*jgn wat kat pt lain!)..ade sorg pernah bertye.."selama 2 ari jd pt, ade perasaan nk lempang medical students x?"to me,xde laa laa..a pt who is bored n in pain,otherwise apparently well..ur presence is like a cure..haha..4 other pt (with same characteristics ike mnine) i think they wud agree..only n if only u approach them with the right attitude n passion inur face showing that u care 4 them...ok rasenye da cukup kut aku ngarut2..kang lebih2kang jorg malas nk bace plak..

lastly thnx again to those yg dtg visit..(femes jugak aku rupenyer..leh laa nk guling jepa pasnih..WAHAHAHA!!)those yg dtg with their sweet smile(x tau laa kalo maksud smile sorg2.."padan muke ko zarol..jd pt aku" or "siot zarol, tambah pt lam wad aku! mahupun.."zarol...tgn ko patah, tgn aku ok..nananana~")..appreciate that say..doakan aku cpt sembuh!x sabar nk kembali beraksi!

(sori byk salah eja..taip sebelah tgn..letih elbow aku nkkaver due2 site of keyboard!)
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World Computer Security Day - 30th November

53 ways to participate/observe the Computer Security Day

  1. Display computer security posters.
  2. Present computer security briefings.
  3. Change your password.
  4. Check for computer viruses.
  5. Show computer security videos, films or slides.
  6. Protect against static electricity.
  7. Modify the logon message on your computer system to notify users that Computer Security Day is November 30.
  8. Vacuum your computer and the immediate area.
  9. Clean the heads on your disk drives or other magnetic media drives.
  10. Back-up your data. (after being certain that it is virus-free.)
  11. Delete unneeded files.
  12. Initiate a computer security poster design contest for next year.
  13. Demonstrate computer security software.
  14. Publicize existing computer security policy.
  15. Issue new and improved computer security policy.
  16. Declare an amnesty day for computer security violators who wish to reform.
  17. Announce COMPUTER SECURITY DAY in your internal newsletter.
  18. Examine the audit files on your computers.
  19. Verify that the "Welcome" message that is normally used on your computer is appropriate for your organization.
  20. Write-protect all diskettes that are not to be written to.
  21. Take the write-protect rings out of the tapes in your library.
  22. Verify your inventory of computer applications.
  23. Verify your inventory of computer utilities and packaged software.
  24. Verify your inventory of computer hardware.
  25. Install and inspect power surge protection as appropriate.
  26. Install fire/smoke detection and suppression equipment in computer areas.
  27. Eliminate dust from computer areas, including chalk dust.
  28. Provide dust and water covers for personal and larger computers.
  29. Post "No Drinking" and "No Smoking" signs in computer areas.
  30. Develop a recovery plan for all computer systems that require one.
  31. Verify that passwords are not "Posted" and all other keys are secured.
  32. Verify that backup power and air conditioning fit your needs.
  33. Have a mini training session to provide all computer users with a basic understanding of computer security.
  34. Verify that all source code is protected from unauthorized changes.
  35. Verify that each computer has trouble log and that it is being used.
  36. Verify that appropriate off site storage exists and is being used.
  37. Remove all unnecessary items such as extra supplies, coat racks, and printouts from the computer room.
  38. Select a computer system on which to perform a risk analysis.
  39. Begin planning for next year's COMPUTER SECURITY DAY.
  40. Change the FORMAT command in DOS to avoid accidentally FORMATing of disks.
  41. Protect the computer on your store-and-forward phone message system.
  42. Hold a discussion of ethics with computer users.
  43. Volunteer to speak about computer security at a local computer club or school.
  44. Collect Computer Security Day memorabilia to trade with others.
  45. Register and pay for all commercial software that is used on your computer.
  46. Register and pay for all shareware that you use regularly.
  47. Install all security-related updates to your computer's operating system.
  48. Help a computer novice backup their files.
  49. Protect all cabin computers from floating droplets of liquid.
  50. Plan to attend a computer security meeting or seminar.
  51. Consider the privacy aspect of the data on your computer and protect it.
  52. Update your anti-virus program
  53. Add to this list . things that you believe would benefit all advocates of computer security


54. Don't touch someone's computer without permission

55. Don't pull LAN cable too much. Rosak laa hub nanti

56. Please pay your streamyx bill immediately when asked

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Sila abaikan post dibawah ini...

Tadi kak yanti sms sy..die ckp prof tahir nk cancelkan kelas ari selase postpone lg...
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Announcement penting!

Salam, hari selasa ni (24hb Nov 09) ade kelas IRK ngan Prof Tahir pukul 2.30-3.30pm kat LH5 kat IMC, kepada mane2 posting yg ade kelas/seminar/teaching time tu, sila awalkn atau postpone kelas anda (cube arrange ari isnin ni, bgtau ketua masing2), nanti kak yanti (dept anaes) akan issue official letter to each posting pasal kelas jgn risau. kelas prof tahir terpakse dibuat time tu sbb die free time tu je..before this pun dah byk kali postpone....
harap maklum...

***jepa..aku edit post ni..takut org keliru..tq
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So, lessons learned?

A lot.

Dr. KMK did not actually do any teaching for us last Friday during his clinic. But amazingly, we learned A LOT from him. How come eh? Inilah yg dinamakan Dakwah bil hal. Dakwah dgn perbuatan, dgn akhlaq yg baik. Ia jauh lebih memberikan kesan berbanding kata-kata semata. Sebab tu sbg Dr nanti, akhlaq kita, tutur kata kita, cara kita bawak diri, cara kita berkomunikasi dgn org lain, dgn colleague kita, dgn staff nurse, dgn patient sendiri, yang tua dan yang muda, yang miskin dan yang berada.. kalau kita buat semuanya dgn akhlaq Islami, berpandukan Kitab Suci dan Sunnah Nabi, semuanya akan menjadi teladan yg baik utk dicontohi..

Dan "Bila seseorang menerima hidayah
dari Allah SWT disebabkan kamu, nescaya hal itu lebih baik dari unta yang berwarna merah,” (HR Al-Bukhari dan Muslim). Rasulullah SAW menyebut unta merah, sebab unta merah adalah unta yang paling baik masa tu. Mungkin mcm ferrari merah la kot skrg ni. I dunno lah keta-keta ni.

Mak patient yg colour blind tu ckp, “I know it can’t be rectified, I know it can’t be cured. But is there any way he could be helped? Any sort of enhancement or something?”

Silence. Utk seketika.

“Not at the moment, unfortunately”, Dr KMK jawab dgn penuh rasa empati, dgn nada suara yg berbau simpati. Dengan body language dan gaya tangan yg seolah turut sama mengerti. Tp kemudian disusuli pula dgn sesi motivasi. Yg sungguh menyentuh hati. Sehinggakan patient yg pd mulanya slightly depressed, (or rather his mom yg seemed more worried), akhirnya keluar dari bilik consultation dgn senyuman yg terukir di bibir.

They did not find any solution for the chief complaint of colour blindness. Nor did they gain any therapy that could correct this particular genetic defect. But what they received was a ‘therapy’ far more precious. The smile on their faces emerged as if their problem has been solved, as if the defect has been cured. Suatu kepuasan yg luar biasa setelah menerima kata-kata nasihat dan pemberi semangat dari seorang Dr. Kata-kata nasihat yg lahir dari pandangan positif seorang hamba Allah yg sentiasa husnuzzon dgn Tuhannya.

Kadang-kadang juga, kita asyik je duk tengok org ni lebih kat sini, org tu pulak kelebihan dia mcm tu. Tp diri kita sendiri dilihat penuh kekurangan. Serba-serbi tak kena. Tapi kita lupa, Allah itu Maha Adil dan Saksama. Pastinya setiap insan akan punyai kekurangan dan kelebihan masing-masing. Kelebihan yg sudah tentu akan dipersoalkan kembali nanti, bagaimana ia digunakan dlm menunaikan hak Allah. Mungkin org ni kelebihan dia lukis kartun, mungkin org tu pulak kelebihan dia menulis. Org ni pandai masak. Org tu pulak pandai hias rumah. Org ni terer ingat Anatomy, org tu pulak hebat dlm Pharmaco. Org ni kalau exam medic mesti distinction, tp org tu pulak cepat hafaz ayat2 al-qur’an. Org ni maybe colour blind, tp VA 6/6 both eyes. Org tu pulak, walaupun tak colour blind tp VA 6/60. Sebagai contoh la.

Bila kita gagal utk melihat kelebihan diri kita sendiri, maka kita juga pasti akan gagal utk mensyukuri apa yang Allah bagi pd kita. Sebab kita tak mampu nak menilai nikmat pemberianNya.

But beware, in recognizing the gifts Allah has bestowed upon us, let it be just enough to make us count our blessings, and channel it to gain Allah’s pleasure, not too much of acknowledgement to let riya’ appear.

Bagaimana sabarnya ibu bapa menjaga kita sejak kecil suatu ketika, begitu jualah sepatutnya kita layan mereka bila mereka sudah tua, bila dah ada cataract kat dua-dua belah mata, bila kaki mula menggigil2 kerana osteoarthritis kat lutut sini sana, bila jalan sgt lambat sebab cepat letih dan susah nak nyawa… Sebagaimana mereka mencuci dan menyalin lampin masa umur kita setahun dua, mampukah kita nanti melakukan perkara yang sama utk mereka?
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An experience as a 'DOCTOR'...

"Dr siapa yang tengok ni tadi? Oh, Dr Farhanah!"

Gulp. Telan air liur. Selama ni kalau patients panggil Dr, boleh lagi ckp, “Makcik, sy student je, belum jadi Dr lagi,” sambil tersengih...

Tp, bila yg panggil tu adalah Specialist sendiri, maka terkedulah seketika… lebih-lebih lagi depan private patients, takkan nak sengih-sengih ckp “Eh sy student lagi…” Jadi, tidak dapat tidak, muka pun diusahakan utk di‘control’ supaya kelihatan seprofessional yg mungkin.

Saat tu, baru tersedar.. org klate ckp ‘jetak’.. Seolah terkena renjatan elektrik. Tak lama lagi kita tak boleh dah berada di zon yg selesa. Tak lama lagi title DOCTOR tu bakal menggalaskan suatu tanggungjawab yg bukan sembarangan di atas bahu kita. Tanggungjawab yg melibatkan nyawa dan emosi manusia. Tanggungjawab yg sgt memerlukan keikhlasan, ketabahan, kekuatan, serta ketahanan mental, fizikal dan emosi yg kuat.

In the Ophthalmology Clinic...

My 1st, good-looking, 17-year-old male patient complained of colour blindness which he just started to notice a year ago. But he wasn’t really sure until his doubt was answered 2 months back during JPJ test when he faced difficulty in eliciting the numbers during colour vision test.

Dr. KMK first explained briefly regarding the pathophysiology of the condition. The cells are there, but for some unknown reason, they are not functioning. But the cells are present.

The patient however, wanted to become a pilot. But because of the strict colour codings used for pilots in landing planes especially, it was not a safe choice.

So, Dr counseled both the patient and his mother on the choices he could alternatively take in pursuing his dreams.

"This colour blindness should not stop you from achieving what you dream of, from doing what you want to do, or from being what you want to be. There are however certain fields in which colour-coded instructions may cause you slight difficulties, and may even be harmful to you. But there are sooo many other courses and paths you probably have never even thought of.

Remember, this is not the end for you. But this is the beginning for you to open up your heart for a wider range of choices, opportunities which are perhaps better than what you initially targeted for. There’s a better fate out there which Allah has destined for you, and He thus made this colour blindness as a turning point to diverge you to achieve the path which He has chosen for you, the choice which He knows is best for you…Believe me, you are going towards something better. You just need to look at it positively"

Sang ibu dan anak mengangguk-angguk. Mungkin terkejut dan kagum dgn kebolehan Dr utk memberi motivasi yg begitu mengesankan.. Bukan patient je yg terkesan, 'Dr.Farhanah' yg tengah diri kat tepi tu pun sama-sama terkesima jugak.

Betul ckp Dr kan. Kadang-kadang kita tak dpt pilihan yg kita nak. Tp rupa-rupanya, Allah dah sediakan sesuatu yg jauh lebih baik utk kita, sebab sebagai Pencipta, tentulah Dia yg Maha Tahu what’s best for His creations. Mungkin kita suka sangat kat seseorang ni, tengok agama dia baik, keturunan dia baik, family dia baik.. Tapi sayangnya dia dah berpunya. Aduh, kecewa di hati hanya Allah yang memahami. Tapi kita tak tahu. Jodoh kita rupanya seseorg yg lebih baik dan lebih sesuai utk kita. Malah, dialah yg terbaik yg Allah dah taqdirkan utk kita. Sebab mcmana baik pun seseorang itu, tak semestinya yg terbaik utk kita, kan?

Aduh, ni contoh yg sangat jauh menyimpang dari tajuk sebenar ni. Ok, lupakan.

Masa Dr ckp mcm tu, berkobar-kobar rasa. Kalaulah satu hari nanti dpt jumpa ubat atau solution yg boleh ‘menghidupkan’ atau membangunkan cone cells kat retina yg mungkin sedang tidur atau tak aktif, dan boleh solve the problem of people with colour blindness, kan best. Mungkin boleh guna genetic engineering and correct the defect at the molecular level, sebab dia genetic kan. Wah, tingginya cita-cita cik kak ni. Tp, sebelum tu, kena fikir dua tiga empat kali dulu. Nak pakai tear drop kat mata sendiri pun tak lepas lagi. Entah kenapa fobia sgt. Mcmana nak jadi Ophthalmologist ni ye. Hmm...

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Imagine this happening to you...

This is a true story which occurred to one of the patients in 5B, with a modified version.

Imagine this happening to you.

You are a newly married couple. You and your husband love each other sooo soo much. During your unforgettable honeymoon however, you met with an accident and you escaped the trauma uninjured. However, your beloved husband whom you love with all your heart, sustained a burst fracture of one of his cervical vertebrae with complete neurological deficit below the level of lesion. Unforgettable honeymoon indeed.

Neurological deficit by definition, does not only mean you have complete motor paralysis and total loss of sensation below the level of spinal cord injury, but remember you are also incapable of controlling your own bowel and urine output. And if the level is higher up you may not be able to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator, plus a lot more other complications, so depressing you would rather not think about it.

Imagine, just imagine! Should this tragedy truly happen to you, as the injured paralysed husband, or the depressed yet concerned wife, na’uzhbillah.

One minute you can walk, run, drive and do almost whatever you can possibly think of. But the next, in a split of a second, you cannot feel your 4 limbs at all, what more to be able to move them. You lie down static in spinal board, with a skull traction screwed in your head, you cannot move any parts of your body except your eyes and mouth. Worse off, you cannot even control the daily emptying of your own bladder and rectum. Some may not be able to swallow. One minute you are the breadwinner, the head of the family. The next, you are on diapers and someone has to wash you up every now and then. Or, in words which are less harsh, you become totally bedridden and completely dependant on others.

Benarlah, Allah Maha Kuasa dan berhak menarik kembali nikmat yang dipinjamkanNya pada sesiapa jua di kalangan hambaNya, pada bila-bila masa sahaja. Dan status sebagai seorang hamba, tentulah senantiasa layak diuji Pemiliknya!

Yes, some may find this narration familiar, kan? A ‘tragic honeymoon’ is what they name it. What happened to this particular patient however, is slightly different. It wasn’t a tragic honeymoon, and the wife is already pregnant with their first child, Alhamdulillah. However, all the other disabilities mentioned about the husband are real.

Imagine, and imagine again. This could happen to anyone.

From the Islamic viewpoint, of course Allah knows whoever amongst His slaves who are tested, must be capable of enduring that particular trial. For in a hadith narrated by Imam Tirmizhi and Ibnu Majah, it has been mentioned, “The people most (tested) on trials are the Anbiyaa’. Thereafter, those closest to them.” (verified as sahih by al-albani). A person would therefore be tested in conformity to his strength of iman. If he is firm in his Deen, his trials become more intensive.

But then again, if this happens to you…

If the injured party is the wife, I would be almost certain that the husband would gladly find another wife or wives, and at the same time, he may or may not keep taking care of the ill first wife…

But what if you are the wife? At first you may be grateful your husband’s life is spared. But after 4 or 5 years taking care of a completely paralysed husband, hmm… I keep thinking would I be able to be as strong as the patient’s wife if the same test falls upon me. You cannot marry another while still being a wife to someone. Let’s say you are still young… And your first (and probably last) honeymoon before the incident did not yield a pregnancy… So, would you think of…?

If you are the injured husband, would you let your wife go?

Of course, there is no definite answer. Because multiple factors deserve consideration. It sometimes strikes me why in the world would I spend time dwelling on others’ problem? But being a mere human, we have feelings. And there’s this thing called ‘heart’ in me, which becomes easily touched when seeing cases as such. Patients ask me all sorts of questions about their diseases or problems, but more often than not, it is me who learn from them.

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khas utk ophthalmo students..
this book dalam format pdf.. (sorry x sempat compile jadikan satu e-book)
ada 10 chapter..
recommended by doc. & staff..
taken from official web..

download here
file name -->
file size --> 23.8 mb
estimated download time --> less than 3 min. (IDM+streamyx at 150++ kb/sec)
password --> no password

p/s - this server hosted in malaysia..insyaAllah laju bile download..kalau lambat jugak tolong bagitau..kita carik tempat lain lak..tq..
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Diary of SERDANG Forensic Graduates.. Episod III

Above all, what I learned from Forensics, especially in Serdang…

Lesson #1
You need not be a fierce, arrogant, egoistic, bigheaded person swollen with pride to be called a BOSS. You need not humiliate, underestimate, degrade, put down or disgrace everyone else around you to become a LEADER. You need not yell, shout or ‘bark’ at those working under your supervision once you become a PROFESSOR or a CONSULTANT. You can still be humble, nice, friendly, soft-spoken, and you can even drink and make jokes with your fellow colleagues, but still be a respected, appreciated, well-loved, BIG BOSS.

Lesson #2
Allah can take our lives anytime, anywhere, without any warning, without any sign. He has innumerable ways of ending the lives of His slaves. One minute you may be well and healthy, driving your car to a friend’s place, or back from your college.. The next thing you know, you are already in a different world altogether, a ‘world’ with no means of turning back. No more chance to perform taubat, ibadah, or good deeds as much as you possibly can. No more opportunity to apologize to the people whom you are guilty towards. No longer able to settle unpaid debts, no more chance to repent over the countless mistakes and sins you may have repeatedly done. We do not know the manner of our death, dan di bumi mana kita akan mati. We can only pray that Allah will grant us with husnul Khatimah, while trying our best to achieve it, insyaALLAH..

Lesson #3
Suicidal attempts are quite common rupanya, we had 3 suicidal cases in a week. 2 of them were Chinese, another was Malay, but schizophrenic. Any form of depression, stress or sorrow, if we do not return and humble ourselves to our Creator and seek for help and solution from Him, anyone can end up taking his or her own life to leave the world and the problems in it behind. Tp kita sebagai org Islam, kita kan ada Allah, and the simplest way to put it, like they say, a man who kneels in front of Allah and gantungkan segala harapan kpd Dia, can stand up in front of anything… Instead of saying "Oh Allah, I have a big problem", why not we say "Oh big problem, I have Allah".. Apa2 pun yang terjadi, gembira atau sedih, musibah atau nikmat, kembalilah pada Allah…

Lesson #4
Most of the suicidal and murder cases, were believed to have a relation with WOMEN based on the suggestive histories. Even the 1st murder case ever recorded in this world, Qabil who killed Habil, was also due to women factor. Rasulullah S.A.W. pun pernah bersabda, "Tidaklah aku tinggalkan fitnah yang lebih besar bagi kaum lelaki melebihi fitnah wanita (HR Bukhari dan Muslim). Lelaki, berhati-hatilah. Wanita, usahalah dan jagalah diri, jangan sampai diri kita menjadi fitnah buat mereka…

Lesson #5
I heard before, the concept of tawakkal can be likened to a mayat yg dimandikan oleh pengurus jenazah, the body is incapable of doing anything, hanya berserah bulat2 pada si pemandi mayat… Amru Khalid ckp salah satu anologi tawakkal ibarat kepasrahan hati di hadapan Allah sebagaimana pasrahnya mayat di hadapan org yg memandikannya. Macamana org yg memandikan mayat membolak-balik tubut mayat seenaknya. Begitulah kita katakan pd Allah, "Ya Allah, lakukanlah semua yg Kau kehendaki, aku pasrah dan redha dgn apa yang Kau lakukan terhadapku, aku bertawakkal padaMu, kerana aku yakin Kau tidak akan sesekali menjerumuskanku menuju kemudharatan".. Tapi tak bermakna kita tak perlu usaha, ya..

Lesson #6
Bila tengok mayat, terdetik dalam hati, “Wahai arwah, aku jua insyaAllah akan menyusulmu suatu hari nanti…”
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Diary of SERDANG Forensic Graduates.. Episod II

Day 1 (Monday)

4 cases:

1. Sudden natural death - IHD

2. MVA - comminuted skull fracture

3. Suicide - CO poisoning (serious mmg PINK)

4. Murder - laceration wound a.k.a. "luka sayat" at abdomen + stab wound causing massive haemothorax

Day 2 (Tuesday)

4 cases:

1. Drowning - the one who drove himself into Lombong Tasik Prima. He was a known case of psychiatric illness; the body had started to decompose by the time it reached us. I assisted this case and unconsciously backed off a bit because of the strong ‘scent’, but was told, “Apa duk jauh tu, datang la dekat2 ni haa, amik bau dulu”.. Hmm.. ok fine.. lepas assist the autopsy, terus tak boleh makan daging.

2. Sudden natural death - IHD

3. MVA - massive cardiac tamponade

4. Suicide - CO poisoning

Day 3 (Wednesday)

We had no incoming cases, but because there is no rest in Forensic Serdang, so we had puzzles to solve that afternoon. 2 sets of mixed up bones of 2 bodies found months ago had to be reassembled into their respective normal anatomical position, and the question was – Determine the cause of death.

2 cases:

1. Murder

2. Murder jugak

Hm, I’m not supposed to be telling you the answer. Both were murdered but how? You need to find out yourselves nanti. Kang soalan bocor tak seronoklah, sbb another 16 are going to be posted in Hospital SERDANG later kan.

Day 4 (Thursday)

- Hospital CME from Anaesthesiology department

- Lecture on Gunshot injury by Prof Karim + special police guests to demonstrate on weapons – wah, berat bangat rupanya senapang tu.. pistol yg kecik pun berat jugak.. tapi berat2 pun, sempat lagi bergaya..

- Finishing report, filling up logbooks, preparation for our CME presentation on Friday

Day 5 (Friday)

- CME day – 2 presentations by HOs, 2 by students in the morning

- Afternoon - MAKAN!! Best sgt, macam-macam ada. Nasi Bukhari, fruits, custard cocktail, kuih-muih, Chocolate indulgence cake… alhamdulillah, kenyang perut..

- After Jumaat, we had 1 more case to assist, an MVA. Hmm, merasalah potong kepala org..(kalau siapa yang tak pakai spec tu, bawaklah spec tipu punya. sebab habuk skull tu akan berterbangan di udara dan sangat mudah utk memasuki mata anda. Dia guna cutter mcm nak potong POP tu)

- After the autopsy at about 4.20pm, we proceeded with a lecture entitled “Suicide” by Prof Karim.

- He wanted to continue with 2 other CME presentations by another 2 groups of students who had not presented earlier, but since the cases were similar by the ones presented by the H.Os, so Prof cakap tak payah. Hm, kalau tak, tak tahu la balik pukul berapa.

Each case had its own storyline and history. Histories which I’m not sure if I should reveal. Looking at death notes left before suicidal attempts, the cries of their grief-stricken family members, the ways or methods they had chosen to end their own life, the faces of shocked relatives during pengecaman mayat… All seemed to be like a drama in front of us. But we were quickly reminded, it was real. We dealt with police and investigative officers for the 1st time. Rupanya diorang juga manusia biasa, cuma nampak hebat and segak sket sebab pakai uniform smart.. When I asked Prof if we would have the chance to go to the court, he said, “Senang je nak masuk mahkamah ni. Buat nakal-nakal sket, dapatlah masuk mahkamah!” Aduh, nakal-nakal ni usah disebut, biarlah ia berakhir di posting Orthopaedics..

Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s will, we had the chance to encounter a variety of manners and causes of death. From natural causes, to suicide, murder, and accidents.

To be continued… sory mcm essay 3000 words pulak.. skit je lagi eh..

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ortho GroupB

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ok ghaus dah bg report utk hkl forensic posting..
aku just nak tunjuk gambar je..
so next group hkl dpt la idea sket2..

pintu masuk utama - sini biasa penuh dengan van jenazah/trak polis or waris2 yg tgh tunggu

kaunter depan..

bilik kaunter depan - biasanye MA akan duk sini..nak masuk bilik ni kena pakai mortem report pn blh tgk kena hati2..sebab ape tu kena tanye hielmi..hehe

meeting room - briefing 1st day buat kat sini by Dr. Nurliza, forensic anthropologist (yg handle kes altantuya tu)

korang mesti kenal gambar yg paling kanan tu

2nd day - sesi x tahu buat ape

2nd day - hari yg xde kes

Salam dengan Apley dia

DS Najib dalam meeting room tu time kes Nuri terhempas

buku2 forensic ni boleh bace, tp kena tulis nama dulu

gallery - tempat student2/HO observe post mortem..ade 2 row kerusi..boleh muat around 20 org kot

8 UIA + 2 IMU

waiting for post mortem at gallery

freezer utk adult..untuk paed ade sebelah kiri..sebelah kanan tu tempat mandi/kafan/solat jenazah..kat situ jugak tempat kitorang sembahyang zohor/asar jemaah..

belakang tiang ni ada bilik persediaan..situ boleh amek mask, apron, shoe cover etc. utk assist post mortem..polis pn ada duduk situ sepanjang post mortem

ada 2 biasa doctor pakai satu je..

bilik belakang cermin kaca tu utk kes2 autopsy yg high risk

yang ni x yah explain lah

each item tu akan jadi bahan kita kena record dia punye jenama, size, colour etc.
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1) Here, not too busy as expected. I think we all saw 4-5 cases. There were two days without any case. So ok la.

2) For the future students, maybe u should prepare before you come.

The MO and IMU students recommend this book: (i think this one la, coz i remember only the simpson) This is basic for medical students. Enough kot.(i'll recheck again with the IMU students).

Besides than that, i realized that, this posting is the best time to 're-learn' anatomy. Bring along your netter from kuantan. Rugi la if x bawak.

3) The cases we saw during that 5 days were mainly head trauma. So, we learnt about basal skull fractures & the type of skull fractures. The word 'contusion' will appear like every minute during the autopsy.

4) If the specialist is present that day, you can ask her permission to be near to the dead body rather than just sitting at the gallery. Too far la, and u can't appreciate the forensic evidence from far.

5) There is also 1 MO. She is actually a bit strict, but, at the end of the day, she was nice actually. Do approach her and be polite. She will be very happy and responsive if you are able to answer her question. And she expect you all to know the basic forensic & anatomy. So, better get the book. You can learn a lot from her.

6) Make good friends with the MA. Especially those at the counter. You will know the benefits. Not appropriate to mention it here. (nanti kantoi pulak)

7) For parking, inside hospital area, 1 day will cost you rm10. U have two choices; (1) park inside the hospital, and get your ticket chop by the Ketua MA at the forensic, and you get a free parking & (2) park your car besides the MMA building; will cost only rm3/day.

8) as usual, being a malaysia; must talk about food. For lunch, best place is at the kafeteria near the klinik pesakit luar (located behind the forensic building).

I think that's all kot. Other HKL members, plz add if i miss some crucial points.
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Reporting From HTAR on Forensic :)

Since Hana has started submitting her forensic report (ngeh3) here, so I would like to do the same, mewakili my group :)
Location: Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang
Members: Me, Zanaridah, Azi, Us, Adilah, Wani Sanusi, Ain
Degree of severity of the posting: minimal
Time of daily reporting (lapor diri setiap hari): 9 am
Time balik: varied according to available cases (huhuuu). As belows:

Monday: 1 sudden death case observed (26 year old newly married man died due to AMI), we went back at 12pm
Tuesday: No case observed. No activity for the whole day except for study group (or chat group???) Went back at 3.30pm
Wednesday: 1 MVA case & 1 decomposed body case oberved. Went back at 3pm
Thursday: 3 MVA cases observed. Went back at 4.15 pm
Friday: No case observed. Teaching (or rather we listened to the specialist's (Dr Khairul Azman) experience). Went back at 12.30pm

All in all, we never assisted in any case. The Specialist is EXTREMELY KIND, lending us his textbooks & sharing his experiences (to a bunch of girl who loves to sembang? err..). We got excited to get the 1st hand story of Teoh from the one who did the post mortem :p The MO is our senior (IIUM) who is EXTRA COOL and treat us just like her juniors.

All in all our Forensic posting in Klang was the mild type of forensic experience (not too harsh, and not inadequate I guess); enough to shoo me away from Forensic :D The others?
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Diary of SERDANG Forensic Graduates... Episod I

A week in Forensic Department, Hospital SERDANG was like a week in Orthopaedics, in a sense that we had to attend seminars, lectures, case presentations/department CME, hospital CME, and at the same time assist autopsies, prepare for our own CME presentation, and finish a report by Friday which was like a case write-up. Most importantly we had to go back after 5 every day! Mmg lah balik pukul 5 kan, tp kitorang ingatkan relax je Forensic ni.. But in several cases, the autopsies extended up to 6pm but we cabut at around 5.40pm because diorang nak habiskan cepat.

But the best thing was, all the staffs, from the PPK to the ‘small’ big boss, were all very very friendly, down to earth, funny, cooperative, and everyone was willing to teach and share their knowledge.. They spoke and borak2 to us as if we were their staffs and kids yg dah kenal sejak sekian lama, and they all regarded us as their fellow colleagues who are therefore permitted to use some but not all of the basic facilities, and... obliged to treat them makan2 at the end of the week – ni yg paling seronok =)

1 week felt like a month!

We were given a new logbook, not for RM3 but for free, and the rule was simple. Each student had to observe 10 cases, and perform/assist at least 2.

So, we divided ourselves into pairs, so that each group will have the chance to assist. On the very 1st day, the ‘breathtaking’ experience started. Wah, breathtaking indeed. Sampai tak bernafas dalam autopsy room tu. Yelah, 1st timers kan. In the morning of our 1st day, we had the 'joy' of observing 2 cases after our brief orientation by MA Hairi.. And in the afternoon, dah takde observe2 dah. Wear your gowns and assist!

The sight of them cutting off human organs seemed very familiar. Let me try and recall… oh ya, pagi2 kalu pegi pasar, kat bahagian jual daging tu mcm tu lah diorang potong. But this time, the aroma was even more incredibly incredible! ;)

To be continued…

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timetable for commed group C
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grouping for commed group C

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